Where are you located? In the same building as Life Preserver Natural Foods and Pro Staff right off of Highway 371 in Baxter, MN, just north of AT&T & just south of Napa.

I see your sign out front, but where's your door? You may use the front door of the building (near the Pro Staff sign) at any time; it doesn't open directly into Pro Staff.  If you will be arriving after 5 or on a Saturday, the front door will be unlocked approximately 15 minutes before your session. Find me down the hall on the right in Suite 5. If the store is open, feel free to use the door near the store entrance. When you walk through this door, you'll see a ramp with another door at the top. Go through that door and you'll find my office on your left as you walk down the long hall towards the front of the building.

No tipping? Really? Anne decided on a no tipping policy following a health care model. You don't tip your dental hygienist, right? 

Your table doesn't look flat in pictures. What's up with that? Anne uses The bodyCushion(TM) positioning system for massage.  It's typically more comfortable and puts less stress on the body than lying flat on one's stomach. If you're into really technical details, click here. If you really, really want to lie flat on the table, we can accommodate that, too.

What's Integrative Massage? Integrative massage is a style of bodywork that uses elements of many different massage modalities to meet your personalized session goals. Anne's areas of speciality are relaxation and pain relief. Her style is more gentle (less pressure) than what people think of when they think "deep tissue" yet it is just as effective at loosening those "knots." 

What's an Integrative Massage session like? Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes before your scheduled session. Relaxing music will be playing. Anne will ask you some questions about your health history, your session goals (pain reduction, stress relief, etc), and anything else you want her to know so that your session is comfortable for you. You will have your choice of various scented or unscented oils. Anne uses aromatherapy quality essential oils only, no artificial fragrances. She will give you privacy to get undressed and get on the massage table under the drapings (blankets). You may undress as completely as you are comfortable because your modesty will be maintained at all times by professional draping. Most people prefer to become quiet during their session in order to relax deeply. However, you are encouraged to provide feedback if necessary about the pressure or techniques. At the end of your session, you will have privacy to get off the table and get dressed.

What's Myofascial Release? Myofascial release is a form of bodywork that addresses fascia, or the web-like connective tissue that helps our bodies hold their structure and also acts as a shock absorber as we move through space. Anne practices myofascial release as taught by John F. Barnes, PT.  This style of bodywork can involve movement and stretches. Instead of kneading the skin and muscles underneath, hands are placed on the surface of the body, sink in just to the fascial barrier, and then a gentle stretch or compression is added. As the tissue releases, the slack is taken up by more stretching or compression. It is gentle, safe, effective, and the results tend to be long lasting. It is especially helpful for chronic pain. Here's a link to her mentor's website, if you'd like a deep dive. 

What's a Myofascial Release (MFR) session like?  Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes early. First, we'll start with a brief discussion of what hurts or what in your body feels restricted. We'l probably do a standing assessment and movement may be involved, so please bring along shorts (& a sports bra for women) and Anne will give you privacy to change. After a brief assessment, we'll begin your session. Oil is not used during a MFR session, so in order that you may enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy during your session, Anne has a selection of linen sprays fragranced with aromatherapy quality essential oils for you to choose from. 

What's Spring Forest Qigong(SFQ)? Spring Forest Qigong is a practice based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine. What we experience as matter is a form of energy. We have this concept in Western scientific thought, also, Energy = Matter times a Constant Squared. Traditional Chinese medicine states that we are at our optimum physical health when our energy flows without restrictions. So, in SFQ, we learn to move this energy or qi (pronouched chee/rhymes with "she") in our bodies to enhance our wellbeing and physical health.  If you attend a Five Elements practice group that Anne leads, you will learn a series of 5 simple exercises that can be adapted to practically any level of fitness - Anne actually started doing these exercises sitting down because at the time she was in so much pain. Everyone is welcome, whether beginner or expert. Wear loose comfortable clothing to class. Here's a link to the official Spring Forest Qigong site, if you'd like to learn more.

What's your cancellation policy? I require 24 hours' notice for cancellations in order that I might try to rebook the session. "No call/no shows" are charged at 100% as it is impossible to even try and rebook the session if you give no notice. Same-day cancellations result in a 50% session charge if the session is not rebooked- feel free to use your contacts to rebook your session in  order to avoid a charge. If you are ill or experiencing an unexpected hardship, please contact me.