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My name is Anne Slettom. I felt called to massage therapy after hearing Sister Rosalind Gefre speak on the Power of Human Touch. I have been a massage therapist now for over 20 years and have specialized training in myofascial release as taught by John F. Barnes, PT. I also enjoy Spring Forest Qigong and am a Certified Study Group Leader. I have a regular personal meditation practice.  I offer massage & bodywork, Spring Forest Qigong practice groups, including breathwork and meditation. I would be honored to work with you to help you feel better in order to get the most out of your life.

Live more with less stress and less pain

We Offer Relaxation

Stress is now recognized by the medical community as a primary cause of many disease processes. We offer integrative massage to reduce stress and also ease away minor aches and pains. We use light to medium pressure techniques from various massage modalities, breathwork, energy work, aromatherapy, music, premium linens to relax into, and the bodyCushion(TM)  which has been proven to be less stressful to the body than lying on a flat table. We also offer maternity massage, hot stone massage, and foot reflexology.

We Offer Pain Relief

Chronic pain? Muscle tightness that hasn’t gone away, or keeps coming back no matter what you do? Or maybe even have the feeling that past emotional trauma is stuck in your body? It’s time to try myofascial release. At The Body Workshop, we practice myofascial release as taught by John F Barnes, PT. Many refer to this modality as authentic healing because it is truly a mind-body modality. Our therapist has trained directly with John Barnes and has the experience to help you. 

We Offer Healing

Move your energy to heal your body!  We'll help. We offer a seated accupressure massage called qi~ssage which will balance your energy in as little as 15 minutes. We also offer Spring Forest Qigong Five Elements Movements Practice Groups. Classes are suitable for absolute beginners; there is no fancy footwork and the simple exercises may be modified to fit all fitness levels, even those who must remain seated. Advanced practitioners are also welcome.  Join at any time. 

Following a wellness center model, we have a no tipping policy

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We offered seated chair massage and Spring Forest Qigong exercise classes to groups and events.

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